Mabel opens the door of her home to inspire, educate, and inform...

This new show is entertaining, motivating, enriching and brings awareness about better living choices for the Latino Community. “The Mabel Katz Show” promises to be a very unique and one of a kind Spanish show. There are elements of Oprah, Suze Orman, The Apprentice, The View and Rachael Ray all in one.

The show has enjoyed having Guillermo Huesca as featured guest host.  Mabel hopes he will return to share more fun times on the show.  There are more exciting surprise guest hosts, so stay tuned you never know who will be next.
The set brings you into a huge mansion, with a kitchen fit for a King. Remotes in Plaza Mexico located in Lynwood, California, its design follows the basic principles of the ancient city of Monte Alban. The cooking segments go to the best restaurants in Plaza Mexico and Los Angeles, as well as in this elaborate home kitchen; including nutritionists, sponsor representatives and world famous Chefs. Mabel devotes a portion of this segment to teaching children and adults alike about healthy eating habits and healthier lifestyles.    

This show will approach issues, such as diseases that put Latino adults and children at a higher risk.  A few examples are obesity, diabetes, heart disease, children’s diseases, stroke prevention and hypertension, just to name a few. Expert guest panel will include, doctors, researchers, health care providers, public officials, fitness experts and organizations supporting Latino issues.

Mabel is taking on Gang violence by bringing awareness to the need of prevention. She will expose the issue from the inside perspective and try to bring a unity of leadership that can implement programs to create alternative directions for children, keeping them off the streets and out of gangs.

The Los Angeles Latino Let’s Go Green Campaign will be an on going segment. Interviews with leaders making a difference in our environment will show easy ways Latinos can go green.

The show is all about the empowerment of the Latino community and it has an interesting panel of guests; they will talk on subjects that effect Latino businesses, careers, politics, finances, economy, education and families. The guests will come from all walks of life and speak from different exciting locations on a variety of issues.
Every day “The Mabel Katz Show” features professional guests who inform and provide helpful resources to the Latino community - such as how to obtain credit, buy a first home, start or build a business, find their dream job, and much more.   

Mabel shares her simple formula for personal and financial success in what she calls, “The Easiest Way to Prosperity”. She discusses different topics with her “clan” (two dynamic ladies and a very entertaining guy). With Mabel’s inspirational approach, she gives you the tools you need to change your life; actually creating lasting results. Her approach gets to your core, your soul, and many have said that she has changed their lives forever. With the current talk of recession, this program will help Latinos overcome the negative outlook about the economy and learn basic positive skills to help them succeed. 

The celebrity guest line-up includes some of the biggest stars of today. Mabel’s last show “Despertar” was filled with many famous celebrities who always made the shows more exciting. This unique new show is sure to bring you a spectacular array of talent.     

The Prize Wheel is spun each week, with giveaways that include weddings, quinceañeras, air travel and cars! 

Media inquires: Deborah Barnet 407.993.4430 or Natalie Dembowich 818.668.2085.

Mabel with The "Clan" at Libreria
Martinez in Plaza Mexico