Consumer Opportunity to Participate on the Show

"Watch to Win" In-Store Promotions, in which consumers who purchase highlighted products qualify for public recognition and the opportunity to win valuable prizes when they remit a "proof of purchase" to the MKS marketing affiliate.  Please remember to include your contact information.

P.O. Box 427
Woodland Hills, CA 91365

The winners will qualify to receive public recognition on the show and a prize with a high perceived value.

Examples of prizes include:

  • A six-month supply of the purchased product
  • One free service (such as an auto tune-up)
  • A two-day trip to Disneyland
  • A dinner party for their family at a popular restaurant (perhaps a show sponsor)
  • A shopping spree on Rodeo Drive (perhaps at a sponsor’s facility)
  • A household makeover
  • A personal makeover

Our television audience is invited to participate in the cooking segment of our show.  Come and cook your favorite dish with world famous chefs.  To sign-up for our show, please send us your contact information and address it Re: MY FAVORITE RECIPE to

To participate as a student in The Easiest Way to Prosperity segment, again send us your contact information and address it Re: THE EASIEST WAY STUDENT to